Rate My Contractor was created with one goal in sight: to help local Home Owners connect with the right contractor for their project, the easy way. We have streamlined the way contractor are connected through email and text depending on their subscription.
Simple! The team here at Rate My Contractor wanted to make it easier to find qualified leads at a reasonable price. Just go to www.ratemycontractor.com and create an account to start managing your profile. If you want to recieve leads you have to upgrade.
It’s really easy, just login to your upgraded account and click on profile. From there you can manage your picture and your replies.
It’s FREE to manage a basic profile. If you want to add pictures and recieve leads you have to sign up for a plus or pro account. It can be found on our pricing page.
“RMC Certified” means that you have passed a background check which costs less than 40 dollars and your credentials, licenses, and certifications have all been checked and are up to date. It also means that you have replied to reviews and have a 4-5 star rating in our system. You will be ranked higher in search results after becoming certified.