From the ground up we will build this company from a grassroots perspective to a national brand. We are the underdog right now but we will fight to make Rate My Contractor a great company to work for, as well as, for our clients homeowners and contractors alike.


We thrive on the competive spirit. We work hard and play hard. The company was founded on maternal capitalism. The idea that everyone from the janitor to the CEO will take an equal share in the yearly profits. Though it sounds idealistic this is how all businesses should think in the 21st century. Too long have big businesses been over paying their top management with big bonuses and not taking care of what matters most, their employees.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for the next generation of potential to fill our humble positions. We want the best and the brightest to take on careers their passionate about. We want people who are looking for a career not a job and are willing to work to get where they want. These people should have a great attitude, like challenges, and have a competitive spirt. They should be enthusiastic, optimistic, and generally outgoing, though we see potential in everyone. If you like what you hear apply for a job today.

Job Openings

California | West LA


We are looking for a few good people to run our door-to-door marketing business to generate leads and reviews for our businesses. You should be willing to pound the pavement and handout flyers in local neighborhoods. You should be able to take rejection well and maintain a smile on your face at all times. The key to this position is perserverance and determination. You let nothing stop you. The best marketers will be able to get 2-4 leads an hour and average 20/hr. If this sounds like you then apply now by calling 310-750-4175 and leave a message with your name, area you want to work in, email address, and phone number. Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Additionally, you could email us your resume at