Rate My Contractor was created with one goal in sight: to help local Home Owners connect with the right contractor for their project, the easy way. We have also built in a straightforward e-form to start receiving free estimates for your home improvement project, but don’t worry we only select qualified contractors.
Simple! The team here at Rate My Contractor wanted to make it easier to find, rate, and review contractors. Just go to www.ratemycontractor.com and create an account to start browsing through the listings of contractors in your area.
It’s really easy, just click on the Rate My Contractor button in the middle of the page to get started.
It’s FREE! We don’t charge you a dime. The only thing that you need to gain access to view and rate contractors is creating a free account.
In order to maintain credibility we do encourage people to publicly voice their reviews because it helps increase the relevance of the review. Your useername is the only identifing information associated with the review.
There are Three ways in which a user can find a local contractor in their area: 1) From the homepage there will be Three fields for you to fill in. They are “category” or “keyword” and “zip code.” Depending on what your project keywords are specific contractors will show up on the results page. 2) The other way is to browse. Once on the homepage, click services in the top right of the page and choose cordially. You can then go on to sort them by rating, RMC certified, zip code, etc.
Once you have located a specific contractor listing, click on the “get me a bid” tab. We will do our best in contacting that contractor and having them call you as soon as possible. We are home owners as well, so we’ll help you out by making your search easier.
“RMC Certified” means that we’ve made your job easier. We’ve done the busy work for you so that the necessary credentials, licenses, and certifications have all been checked. We’ve also have a partner website whom conducts an extensive background check to ensure that the contractor is credible. RMC certified also tells you, as a homeowner, that the contractor is in good standing with other homeowners in the area.
Before the birth of Rate My Contractor we knew that the accuracy of reliable reviews was going to be our number one priority. In order to ensure the highest quality and accuracy, our team randomly checks the authenticity of each its reviews. We’ve also have a custom software programing in place to prevent users from cheating the system. Because Rate My Contractor is community based, there is a “Red Flag” system that lets users flag reviews for investigation by one of Rate My Contractor’s authenticity investigation team members. However, if we discover that people are not abiding to our code of standards, Rate My Contractor reserves the right to suspend account use and be noted on their listing, specifically contractor profiles.
Your information will be sent to five quaalified contractors in your area. Next, a certified contractor(s) will contact you to set up a time and date to come out a look at what your project entails. In the end, its your choice who you decide to go with.